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HeroWar Manual

Quick Start Guide

How to play HeroWar

HeroWar is a relatively simple, yet fun game that doesn't require a lot of time to play. The object of the game is to build a hero so you can fight your way to the top, or mess around with your friends and co-workers.

In HeroWar, Each player gets one hero and has to develop it by training and buying new equipment. There are many directions you can take for training the hero, and each focus has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Developing your hero is dependent on your style of play. You can take an aggressive stance by focusing on offensive strength and pillage and loot other hero's resources. Or you can take a defensive role by creating an unbreakable defense and a wealthy income.

However you choose to train your hero, you are never 'stuck' in one direction. You can always change your strategy, so feel free to experiment with different skills and items.

The three methods which you can improve your hero are: leveling up, training followers, and buying equipment. You can level up by making attacks on stronger opponents. You can train more soldiers if you recruit more followers. And you can purchase more equipment by generating income through followers and by attacking opponents.

Just remember, the ultimate goal of the game is to develop the strongest hero!

Game Controls Menu

MainThis is where you can find your daily happenings
StatisticsAll relevent information about your hero
RecruitmentDetails recruiting followers and apprentices and recruitment bonuses
SkillsToggle abilities currently available to your hero
EquipmentCurrently equipment and inventory
TrainingTrain your fighting abilities!
ArmoryPurchase new equipment
ExploreExplore the wilderness to find secret treasures
Attack LogRecent battle history
AttackAttack other heroes!
LogoutLogout if computer is shared between multiple players


Energy - This measures how many actions are available to you at this time. You regenerate energy every hour.

Gold - Gold allows you to buy new equipment for your character and train his fighting skills. You produce gold every hour.

Mana - Mana allows you to cast spells. It is regenerated every hour.

Followers - You obtain followers by having people click on your recruitment link or through apprentices. Each follower increases your income by 100 gold and your hero's ability to train fighting skills.

Game Reference


Part of this game is centered around recruiting new followers. Followers provide a very important source of income and attacking power for your hero. In order to collect a new follower, you must have someone go to your recruitment link. Each person can only add one follower to your hero per day. Each hero must be able to command a large following of people in order to grow powerful.

You can also recruit apprentices (new players). Apprentices are made by having someone join from your recruitment link. These players will start off stronger by from having you as their master. At no cost to you, they will have a bonus to offense and defense in their battles. When you have apprentices, they will generate additional followers for you. For each 2 followers they receive, you will receive one. Make sure you recruit your friends as apprentices, so you can both benefit!


WarriorBig and burly, this guy knows how to attack
MageThis class packs a bang with their strong magic capabilities
ThiefWhen this guy attacks, he always leaves with a sack of treasures
TankTough as rock, you don not want to mess with one of these


Spells can be obtained from magical items. Enchanted items will add the spell to your list of abilities under the 'Skills' section. Offensive spells add a large bang to your attack, but come at the cost of mana. If you run out of mana, you must deactivate your spells, to attack.

Mana is primarily produced by mages, but can also be produced by special items. When you train a mage, they will generate mana for you to use. Each mage produces a small amount of mana per hour. The mana is expensed whenever attacks are made with spells or if certain spells are activated.


Items outfit your hero with enhanced offensive and defensive power. Sometimes, they carry special bonuses to magic regeneration or income. Many items have certain special capabilities, which enable skills for your hero. Some are enchanted with magic powers, and can be used by your hero for casting spells.

Many basic items can be bought in the Armory, but the strongest items are rare, and can only be found with other means.


Skills provide special abilities for your hero. They can be activated by level gains or by equipping certain items. There are three types of skills: passive, action, and enchants.

Passive skills are on by default and do not cost anything.

Action skills can be toggled on and off and require some cost per action. For example, spells are action skills because they cost some mana for each attack you make.

Enchants can also be toggled on and off. They require some amount of cost per hour, and also have an activation cost. For example, some defensive spells are enchants that boost your defense as long as the spell is active.

Some of the Available Skills

EXP Booster+1000 Exp per attack
EXP Gainer+5% Exp per attack
Critical Strike50% Chance of +20% Attack
First Strike+30% Attack Against Non First Strikers
FireballsLevel 1 Fire Attack
Bravery+5% Attack when fighting opponents at least 10% stronger
Stronghold+50% Defense against Non-Seige
SeigeNegates Stronghold
Bloodlust+10% Attack
Lightning BoltLevel 1 Lightning Attack
Ice BlastLevel 1 Ice Attack
Elemental StrikeLevel 1 Multi-Elemental Attack
Haste-2 Energy per Attack

Leveling Up

Each time you level up, you receive a bonus to attack, defense, as well as a new training point. With each training point, you can choose a skill from the 'Training' section. Once these skills are trained, you will always have access to them.

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