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By playing Herowar, you agree to the following terms:

Non-Liability of HeroWar.com
HeroWar.com does not warrent or represent that the service provided will meet all or any of the User's needs or requirements. HeroWar.com is not responsible for any content provided by third parties or any third party sites that may be linked to and/or from the intellectual property.

Changes to Agreement
HeroWar.com may change this Agreement at any time upon publishing a notice in HeroWar.com. Any use of the Intellectual Property after such notice shall be deemed to be continued acceptance of this Agreement including its amendments and modifications.

Relationship of Parties
This Agreement shall not be construed to create a joint venture or partnership between the parties. Neither party shall be deemed to be an employee, agent, partner or legal representative of the other for any purpose and neither shall have any right, power or authority to create any obligation or responsibility on behalf of the other.

Limitation of HeroWar.com's Liability
HeroWar.com shall not be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations on account of natural disasters, human error, acts of God, governmental action, or any other cause that is beyond the reasonable control of HeroWar.com.

HeroWar.com reserves the right to ban, delete, or modify accounts at any time for any or no reason.

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